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Company: Mentorz
: Xuewei Zheng, Victor Ng, Alex Toledo Leite
Duration: 4 months
Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, Visual Designer
Tool: Figma

What is Mentorz:

Mentorz is a SaaS platform that empowers people to easily match with mentors, develop purposeful learning relationships, learn and grow. And that enables businesses to develop their people thru modern mentorship, increasing job satisfaction, engagement, retention, ROI and diversity in leadership.

Not only users can connect with each other and establish mentorship on the mobile app, but also they can schedule, conduct mentor meetings, even track their mentorship process on the app which to ensure both mentor and…

Course: Creative Coding
Team: Independent Project
My Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, Visual Designer, Web Developer
Method: Sketch, Wireframe, Rapid Prototype, HTML, CSS, P5 Javascript
Duration: 4 weeks


Creating a digital art game by incorporating with the idea of individual growth path and life difficulties.

What kind of games can I develop now?

I only had 4 weeks to develop a game and I am not a CS student with strong coding skills. It means, in 4 weeks, I need to design a game and learn how to code it. In order to complete this project successfully, I did some research on learning the genres of game. …

Course: Computer and Human Interaction
Members: 3 Software Engineer, 1 Designer
My Role: UX Designer, Visual Designer
Method: Cognitive Walkthrough, Heuristic Evaluation, Wireframe, Rapid Prototype, Visual Design
Duration: 6 weeks


Redesign the selected interface of an existing product to improve the current user experience by applying user centered design methodology

What is is an all-in-one travel site where a user can simply input their desired destination in the site’s search field and they will be meet with either airline, hotel, or taxi prices all in one page.’s …

Team: Solo Adventure
Duration: 6 weeks
Role: Designer & UX Researcher

This is a solo adventure case study, I basically did it for sharpening my design skills and practice my design thinking on product design discipline.

Why I choose Google Maps?

In 2020, Google maps celebrated its 15 years old birthday by introducing a fresh new look. Two new easy-to-access tabs were added on Google Maps: Contribute and Updates. From then, users may easily write their reviews on the Contribute tab and receive recommendations from Google Maps on the Updates tab.

Inspired by these two updated features, I was wondering whether more socializing functions may…

Xuewei Zheng

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